The Wholehearted School

(self)knowledge through fellowship


An elementary school for 90 children from first to ninth grade, connecting Christian basics and innovative education.


We would like to open in September 2021.


In Prague, Czech Republic.


Our values are: faith, freedom, relationship, responsibility, creativity, courage, openness, perseverance.

Who and why?

We are a team of teachers of various areas of expertise. We share the desire to give children the opportunity to spend meaningfully the 13,000 hours of mandatory schooling.

Join us?

We will be happy if you join us. We are looking for partners in prayers and finances.


To know who I am

and where I belong


I come to you

Children and adults in our school know more and more deeply who they are and where they belong.

Based on this deep understanding, they relate to themselves, to others and to God.

To know who I am

  • We believe that every person has great value and is in their essence active, creative, rational, moral, relational, courageous, and more. Our approach to children and adults is based on that belief. We give children as well as teachers space to be what they were created to be.
  • Girls recognize that they are created beautiful, courageous and loving, and boys recognize that they are created strong and loving.
  • At the same time we acknowledge that one does not always live out of this good essence and does not always do what is right. As adults we see it every day in ourselves. Through our example and through our loving guidance we strive to teach children why we fail to live out of our good nature, what to do when it happens, and how to return to who we were created to be. We believe in forgiveness through Christ and we talk about it in the school, while at the same time we understand that not everyone has the same belief.

Girls recognize that they are created beautiful, courageous and loving, and boys recognize that they are created strong and loving.

And where I belong

  • The community of teachers reflects love and respect, and teachers invite children (and their parents) into this community and children invite other children. Everyone experiences a place where they are known and accepted as they are and where the others care so deeply about them that they take risks to encourage them to grow.
  • Children and teachers help each other, communicate openly with each other, share joys and tears with each other, work as team, and solve conflicts in a healthy way.
  • Children and teachers experience that they have an important role among others, as well as in the broader community of the neighborhood, city, country and the world. They help people around them and thus they learn more themselves.

The community of teachers reflects love and respect, and teachers invite children (and their parents) into this community.


We understand the heart as the center of our whole being – of thoughts, feelings, desires, and choices leading to action.

  • Children in our school explore, engage and form their whole hearts, and they become adults with integrity.
  • The goal of our school is not mainly that children learn lots of information or simply behave well. We desire that the information they learn makes sense to them, they experience it, they have an opportunity to use it within school projects, and they live out of it. We strive to be personal, creative, and connected to the real world.

We strive to be personal, creative, and connected to the real world..

I come to you

This is an active response to what children learn and experience in the school. “You” means other people and for some it also includes God. Our hope is for children choose to relate to others openly, honestly, lovingly, self-confidently, and responsibly.

  • Children participate in activities through which they help people around them, and by this they learn a lot themselves. Teachers encourage them to see the needs of their communities and respond to them.

Children get opportunities to respond to each other’s needs and interests.

How The Vision Plays Out


Educators recognize this number as an ideal number for a basic group for children. Everyone can still know each other and care for each other, yet there is big diversity.


Teachers are aware of what knowledge is foundational. They motivate children to acquire the knowledge or skill through a personal approach, appropriate stimuli and appealing goals.


This strengthens the motivation of students to learn and wholeheartedly experience what they learn.


This ratio will help teachers to be authentically connected to children’s lives, interests and current skills so they can offer them appropriate challenges.


The goal is not to be better than others but together to use our gifts for the joy of people around us. Children learn to help each other. What’s more, teaching others is a great opportunity to learn.


Every child gets their own list of tasks and they can organize part of the day themselves, which teaches them responsibility. Children can decide the topics of some of their learning tasks and explore their own questions.


Children have the opportunity to say how they are doing in the school, hear the feedback from the teacher and discuss their goals for the next month.


Every day everyone gathers to start the day together and to exchange news about school life. Later in smaller groups they read inspirational texts and share their hearts.


Children are part of the decision making process about school rules, school events, etc. This helps them develop leadership skills and learn responsibility

Founding Team



degree in sociology, media studies and pedagogy, heart for education and others’ stories


teacher, mother of three, open heart for everyone


mother of two, originally a veterinarian, currently completing teacher training, heart for adventure



assistant professor of computer science, mind for math, heart for people



originally from the USA, degree in math and pedagogy, heart for individual students

Our motivation

First picture: Meaningful 13 000 hours for children

In the Czech Republic, children have to spend at least 13 000 hours in school throughout nine years of mandatory education. As preschoolers children are looking forward to going to school but after a couple of months many of them lose their natural curiosity and joy of learning and school becomes something they “need to survive”. We would like to make these 13 000 hours a meaningful time for children in which they develop their curiosity and their character, they acquire general knowledge as well as deeper knowledge about things that interest them, and they start finding their place in the world. Moreover, throughout all this they themselves would see the purpose of it all and would keep the joy of learning for their whole life.

Second picture: Authentic fellowship of teachers

Many teachers feel alone in their roles. Moreover, there is an ever-present temptation to see their value in the teacher’s popularity among children or their results. We are motivated by the picture of the teaching staff as a fellowship where teachers accept each other as they are, they can share their joys and struggles, and they can help each other to see their true value. Our school aspires to give teachers lots of space to bring their own ideas, methods and interests into the process.

Third picture: Happy parents

Our team has five preschool kids together and there are many parents with small children around us. These parents are looking for a school where their children would be happy, where they would have a role to play, where they would gain useful knowledge and skills in a safe environment, and where they would develop their gifts. We are motivated by the picture of having such a school, and not only for our children.

Join us


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